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Our wines

Organic and living wines in the Cher Valley

We work with 8 Touraine grape varieties, some of which have become very rare today. We take the greatest care of it.

Our harvests are manual, our vinification gentle and natural,

on endogenous flora and without filtration.

Variations in pure grape varieties or blending games, our wines are created according to the character of the vintage, their grapes and their material.

Entremêlés, vielles vignes                        VdF blanc

Orbois (Menu Pineau), Chenin

Witness to our heritage and the know-how of our elders.

Orbois, the local grape variety of yersteryear, and Chenin, coplanted in provignage, with vines dating from before 1890.

An exceptional cuvée for laying down..
Délicate white fruit (pear) on agitation, with increasingly present mineral aromas.

A sober attack opening to honey and apricot aromas, very long on the palate. 

A boire aussi bien en entrée qu'en dessert, sur tout mets délicat.

To be paired with entrées, dessert, with any delicate dish.

EM 20.jpg

Rare grape varieties, prephylloxera vines

collector label : series of 5 different models

Safe bet

Sauvignon blanc                               AOC TOURAINE     

Sauvignon blanc, Fié Gris (Sauvignon rose)

A Sauvignon Blanc enhanced by a touch of Fié Gris.

Freshness, fruit and sincerity, without exuberance because the simple expression of its grape. 

Both fruity and floral, all coated with a structure of beautiful presence.

To be paired with aperitif, with seafood, fish, and of course with good cheeses.

Orbin, la cuvée de Louis                           VdF Orange

Orbois (Menu Pineau), Chenin

Skin maceration, an ancestral winemaking method, for our old Orbois and Chenin vines : a logical and respectul return to history.

A radiant orange color, 

a very fresh, subtle nose with notes of wild strawberries, 

Plums and exotic fruits on the palate, supported by light tannins, 

Aromas of mango and touches of spices.

To be paired with aperitif, white meats, fine cheeses and chocolate.


Rare grape varieties, prephylloxera vines