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Our events

Our meetings throughout the year

Pentecost picnic

independent winegrowers from France

We invite you to come and share a day with us, in all simplicity and good humor.

Welcome drink, shared meal, stroll along the banks of the Cher, presentation of our profession, tasting of our wines...

A day of sharing and discussion, to get to know each other better.

Logo Vigneron Indépendant

Farm to Farm Open Days

the 4th weekends of April

A weekend to discover, all year round to come back!

Follow the scarecrow that takes you to the welcoming

farms  of the CIVAM network.

stage for horseback riders

  We welcome hikers, provide them with itineraries and make our meadow available.

We are referenced at EQUI-41.

VITICASTOR, banks and terroir

By a walk on the banks of the Cher, we will observe the precious signs of wildlife,

then return to the Domaine to taste the natural wines of our valley.


Motorhomes wishing to stop over at the Domaine are welcome.

We ask them to be independent and  to contact us beforehand to check our availability, 

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