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Valerie Forgues 3

Valerie Forgues

Valérie worked in Germany and met her husband during her meetings in Paris. She returns to France and the couple decided to take over a vineyard.

In 1997, they move to the Domaine de la Méchinière.

In 2008, Valérie finds herself alone with her 2 children.

She receives help from Didier BAROUILLET, from Clos Roche Blanche, one of the first organic winegrowers in the region. Didier guides her towards Organic Agriculture and natural winemaking.

Thanks to him, Valérie is able to find meaning and an ethic in her work in accordance with her conscience.


More info: an interview with LOUIS/DRESSNER SELECTION

Louis Forgues

Louis was born in 1997, the year the family arrived at the Domaine.

He grew up in the vineyards and, together with his younger brother, helped his mother from childhood.

His studies as a Centrale engineer allowed him to go abroad, but he regularly returned at harvest time to help out at the Domaine.

He quickly became essential.

He was in Poland when the Covid made him question his path.

At the beginning of 2022, he decides to stay at the Domaine and open up new horizons.

Louis Forgues 2
louis Forgues taille

the salamander

It has been living for years in one of our vineyard, in a quiet and isolated place.

We regularly see it in the company of a toad.

The presence of such a rare and mythical animal in our world

is an invaluable opportunity.

We are happy and proud to make it our ambassador.


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